Collection: Pillows & Coverings

Like Beni Ourain rugs and Moroccan wedding blankets, our 100% authentic Moroccan pom pom blankets are big in the world of interior design. Our warm and cozy blankets are all handcrafted on traditional wooden looms using techniques handed down from my great grandfather. A tight weave and attention to detail produce a blanket softer and longer lasting than any other Moroccan blanket on the market. These batania blankets are woven exclusively for Handcraft Collection, something we’re quite proud of. Every single one is made using the finest materials and quality control. From the mountains of Morocco to your living room, you’ll adore snuggling under this charming Moroccan pompom throw. Woven from 100% Berber wool, these heirloom textiles originate in the traditional blankets used to protect against freezing temperatures in the high Atlas Mountains, where Beni Ourain rugs come from. They’re the perfect bohemian accessory for any décor, from contemporary modern to farmhouse. Add some carefree, anything goes Boho energy to your living space with this stunning pink blanket with white strips and red tassels. Superb for adding texture to any room, from the couch to the bedspread. These Moroccan blankets are lasting trend.