Collection: Market Baskets & Purses

Moroccan Basket- French Palm Leaves Baskets- Handwoven- Hard Wearing- Multipurpose- Easy to Clean- Eco-Friendly Baskets Suitability: Our woven Moroccan baskets are the perfect accessories for your Sunday grocery and numerous other tasks. These baskets can be used as market bags, tote baskets, picnic bags, and gift items for both men and women. Sturdy Material: Constructed with large palm grooves, this Moroccan straw bag is strong enough to bear the weight of your weekend grocery. Sturdy leather handles are perfect for carrying the load. Furthermore, leather straps make it easy for you to carry the Moroccan straw market bag on your shoulder conveniently. Easy to Clean: Taking care of the product is quite easy. Using a damp cloth with warm soapy water is enough to wipe clean the Moroccan market bag. Eco-Friendly: Using this basket backpack with straps is the best thing that you can do for your planet. Produced ethically, these Moroccan baskets are the best alternative to plastic bags which are extremely dangerous for our planet. Multi-purpose: These French market baskets are perfectly designed for function and fashion. Available in a reasonable size, this simple yet elegant market bag can be used for storing everything including fruits, vegetables, kids’ toys, knitting wools magazines, storage for vinaigrette laundry blankets, etc. Lastly, this woven Moroccan basket can also be used as a beach bag. Product Description: Moroccan baskets are handicrafts that have been in use since the dawn of civilization. At every age, it was there in different shapes and designs. There was a time when it was the part of Mediterranean markets only but now these palm leaf market baskets are used everywhere for different tasks. Are you looking for the best quality French market baskets with multiple uses? These Moroccan baskets are the best go-to items that you can try for everyday use. Ideal Shopping Bag: These simple French market baskets are designed for everyday use. Carrying it while shopping keeps your essentials safe on the move while still having a standout style. Roomy Baskets: Our Moroccan baskets are available in a simple design with great room for different stuff that you want to carry or store in it. Strong Shoulder Strap: Designed with a chic leather shoulder strap, it provides comfortable and hassle-free carrying. Hard-Wearing: With an apparent delicate look, these Moroccan baskets are strong enough to carry more than you can imagine. Buy Now!