Moroccan Teapot  Bring this stunning silver Moroccan style teapot into your home and fall in love with its mystique
Tea time
Bring this stunning silver Moroccan style teapot into your home and fall in love with its mystique.
MOROCCAN HANDMADE RUGS Trendy and classy handmade Moroccan Rugs, made by the Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This rugs are handmade, double-knotted and naturally dyed 100% natural wool carpet made in Morocco.
Beni Ourain Rug
This authentic Berber rug tells the true story of Morocco and its people and is woven with history and passion. A wonderful piece of 'folk' art to be passed down for generations.
Pom Pom Blanket These batania blankets are woven exclusively for Handcraft Collection, something we’re quite proud of
Pom Pom Blanket
Like Beni Ourain rugs and Moroccan wedding blankets, our 100% authentic Moroccan pom pom blankets are big in the world of interior design.

Our Story

We are proud to offer you an exclusive, directly sourced and ever-changing collection of authentic, handmade, heirloom quality Moroccan goods. Curated exclusively for your tastes and ethically crafted by individual artisans with whom we have longstanding relationships. Our mission is to introduce Moroccan culture and handicrafts to a broader audience, and our commitment is to you – our customers. You’re helping support generational artistans and craftspeople who have been offering their wares in local souks for decades. Practical, breathtaking, utilitarian and also works of art, each item from our lovely silver plate to our hand thrown pottery has been hand selected for uniqueness, authenticity and value. Thanks to our founder’s deep business ties to the various towns and cities from which these exquisite items originate, you too can have a bit of that rich tradition and charming décor in your home.




One of Morocco’s greatest culinary achievements is its tasty tagines. This hearty, healthy stew cooks and simmers in a uniquely designed pot of the same name. But what makes the tagine pot so special? Does Moroccan tagine have to be cooked in a tagine pot?


Here’s a primer on the tagine pot and its importance in Moroccan cuisine.

February 25, 2019 by Rachid Chakir
Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

A classic North African dish loved by many, Moroccan chicken tagine is laden with a rich blend of exotic spices which are perfectly balanced. It is named after the earthenware in which it is traditionally cooked and served. The dish is typically slow cooked meet rubbed in a mix of Moroccan spices. A delicious vegetarian tagine can be prepared with a mix of vegetables as well.

February 08, 2019 by Rachid Chakir
Moroccan Candles: Everything You Need to Know About

Moroccan Candles: Everything You Need to Know About

About Moroccan Scented Candles
Moroccan Scented Candles at Marrakesh Gardens are handmade candles enclosed in a traditional Moroccan glass to enhance your living experience as well as interior space. Moroccan candles generally offer earthy, spicy, and sensual scents that nobody can resist but close the eyes and inhale the fresh morocco flavors. 
If we talk about the origin, the term “Moroccan” came from a diverse yet rich country Morocco located in north Africa. Morocco is a well-known country among spice traders all over the world and is also an important producer of Moroccan scented candles. The sweet scent of jasmin  in the Moroccan candles showcase the cool nights of deserts with a little bit of inclusion of ground ginger, oakmoss, sandalwood, velvet roses, and clove. 
December 21, 2018 by Rachid Chakir