About Us

We are proud to offer you an exclusive, directly sourced and ever-changing collection of authentic, handmade, heirloom quality Moroccan goods. Curated exclusively for your tastes and ethically crafted by individual artisans with whom we have longstanding relationships. Our mission is to introduce Moroccan culture and handicrafts to a broader audience, and our commitment is to you – our customers. You’re helping support generational artisans and craftspeople who have been offering their wares in local souks for decades. Practical, breathtaking, utilitarian and also works of art, each item from our lovely silver plate to our hand thrown pottery has been hand selected for uniqueness, authenticity, and value. Thanks to our founder’s deep business ties to the various towns and cities from which these exquisite items originate, you too can have a bit of that rich tradition and charming décor in your home.

All of us from our founder, our family and our friends who make these goods would like to thank you for supporting our humble marketplace. Just as the beautiful landscape and culture of Morocco drive our creative enterprises, our passion for quality service and genuine Moroccan hospitality drives our customer experience. Should you have any inquiries, or any difficulties with your purchase, please get in touch and we will make things right.