Collection: Moroccan Scented Candles

This hand made candle with its hand crafted, traditional Moroccan glass enclosure is sure to enhance your everyday living and entertaining experience. Immerse yourself in the relaxing fragrance of jasmine, amber and fig tree blossoms and feel the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the leaves, and the mystical aromas of a desert evening. This beautifully luminous, fragrant, and clean-burning candle is a special blend of food grade mineral and non-GMO vegetable-based premium soft waxes so you can be sure it’s a non-toxic addition to your household.

The stunning, thread wrapped glass candle holder is handmade in Fez, Morocco by skilled, generational craftspeople and imported just for you. A true treasure of the Near East that complements any style of décor in any season. Candles play an important role in everyday Moroccan life, and our candle holders are patterned in a traditional fashion with a charming glass surround.

We’re proud to offer you the highest quality, handmade imports. Should you be dissatisfied with your candle or it’s enclosure, simply get in touch and we’ll make it right. Satisfaction Guaranteed!