Handmade Moroccan Artisan products
For those of you who like to keep your home décor a little out of the 'normal' ranges, Moroccan décor can provide a touch of mystique and bring the elegance and class of a nation known for its fine quality artisan produce right to your very own four walls. Moroccan décor is in a class all of its very own – but all it takes is a skillful eye, the right sources and a little know how to bring the finest aspects of this delightful country to your own home. Moroccan, Bohemian and Eclectic Design Moroccan, Bohemian and Eclectic design have long since become fashionable with westerners, this trend arguably began with the great explorers of old and their desire to bring home interesting, authentic and unique gifts from their travels. This tradition has continued down through the ages and, even nowadays, a correctly placed piece can accentuate and enthrall a whole room. Moroccan style as a Bohemian Design choice Moroccan decorating represents the ultimate in Boho-chic style. If you want to fill your home with an eclectic mix of all things cultural – then you could do a lot than just cooking in a Moroccan Tagine or adding a few Moroccan rugs. Create an exotic feel in any room by adding a mixed bag of cultural furniture and paraphernalia; or keep it simple, classic and elegant with a few well placed pieces and a room decorated to present the perfect blank canvas. Accentuating the Look The best way to emphasis this on-trend Moroccan décor is to implement the use of authentic, handmade and traditional Moroccan products. Who better to perfectly craft a traditional Tagine than a local artisan, trusted and vetted by us, who has generations of experience in genuine production methods and finishing techniques? Nobody knows Moroccan hand-crafting techniques better than our artisans, and they produce items to order, made especially for clients that are all the way around the world. To get the very finest in authentic artisan made produce look no further than the handcrafted collection provided by Marrakesh Gardens. We produce wares that have been made via traditional means for centuries in the hope that, by preserving this tradition, we can bring the magic of Morocco to the whole world and showcase it there so that the traditional techniques used are forever honored and never forgotten. By spotlighting some of our Moroccan Rugs, Moroccan Tagine dishes and home ware with a twist we want to bring the working lives of our artisans to the forefront, showcase their best works and keep them producing the way they always have. We are bringing these skills to the global market and hoping that our inspirational pieces might help meet your home decorating needs. Marrakesh Gardens Bring a touch of the Moroccan market to your home with Marrakesh Gardens. We supply the highest quality Moroccan Decor for affordable prices that see traditional manufacturing methods preserved, rewarded and encouraged. When you buy from us you receive an heirloom-Quality item that has been specially made with you in mind. When you buy from us, each piece is a little bit of Moroccan art, hand crafted to fit into your home.
October 03, 2018 by Rachid Chakir

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