Imported Handmade Moroccan Teapot with Built In Tea Infuser Filter, Bring Home a Beautifully Functional Near East Tradition, 16 OZ.


Bring this stunning silver Moroccan-style teapot into your home and fall in love with its mystique, its beauty, and its functionality. Handmade in Fez, the old imperial capital of Morocco located just northeast of the Atlas Mountains, by artisanal silversmiths using traditional methods and materials. , Extra Large Traditional teapot with Integrated Filter, this tea kettle is the perfect size for serving at a dinner party or casual get-together with friends. The intricate hand embossed design motif accentuates any room in your home, creating a warm and inviting presence with a hint of Moroccan flair. Pair it with the traditional clear glasses and set it next to your tagine, or integrate it into your grandmother’s china – this teapot is truly versatile for any décor.

Moroccan tea pots such as this are considered to be a symbol of the Moroccan way of life, an important possession for every household. This traditional style of the teapot is used by Moroccans to consume tea at any hour of the day, accompanying practically all meals and encounters, whether they’re formal or just a friendly gathering of friends. The offering of a glass of green tea with mint is a symbol of hospitality. Depending on social rank, teapots are plated with silver or gold and feature-rich, elaborate motifs and decorations. The technique of pouring the tea is almost as crucial to the success of hosts as the quality of the tea they use, with hosts often raising the pot up to a meter and using the long, curved spout to accurately pour tea into even the smallest of glasses.

Product Features & Highlights
Handmade in Fez, Morocco
Plated in pure silver
Teapot with Integrated Filter
For tea bags or loose leaf
16oz capacity
Authentic symbol of Moroccan hospitality
Satisfaction guaranteed!

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